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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Couch Potato

I spend way too much time in my little corner of the couch.  Watching tv, blogging, and playing on facebook happens there.  I eat snacks and sip coffee and cuddle under my favorite blanket in that special little corner.  All day long, I find I need my planner nearby - when a friend messages a time for a play date, when I find a great recipe and want to add it to next week's menu, or when I suddenly remember that the school uniform sale is next week.  I need to grab my purse to write a quick check or put on lip gloss.  So it made really good sense to dedicate a side table to my personal items.

You can see where my heels wear out the couch.  Clearly, I need to spend LESS time on the couch.

I store my purse and planner right under the side table.  You can see that the basket holds the planner and my "errand" planner.

On top of the side table, I have a basket to capture everything.  Right now, it holds my cell phone, remotes (which go back and forth between here and hubby's side table), and the tape measure for checking my weight loss progress.  I also keep the camera there so I can snap pictures or videos of the children at whim.  My mouse pad?  The cover for my net book.  Finally, that water bottle is the right size to shove in my purse or the cup holders in my car.  I never have to buy bottled water now.  Save money and save the planet!

If you have a bunch of items that you use in a particular spot, why not make a home for them so that you are comfortable?


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