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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to School Update

Task List:

DONE - 1. Buy two backpacks.
2. Sign up for extended day by July 31st.
3. Buy school and casual shoes for both boys.
4. Clean water bottles.
5. Write cafe' check and add cafe' to calendar each month.
6. Add checking on-line Edline to weekly calendar.
7. Clean out homework supply boxes.
DONE - 8. Create a place for keeping samples of school work for the year. (Thinking about old cereal boxes???)
DONE - 9. Go through uniforms and determine needs.
DONE - 10. Buy new uniforms.
11. Inventory socks and buy as needed.
DONE (not needed) - 12. Buy Loki a belt IF needed.
OFF LIST (we are going to take our chances) 13. Write to the school and find out if the BLACK and BLUE jackets the boys own from last year (when any overcoats were allowed) are acceptable for the Black OR Blue coat new uniform guidelines.
DONE (they were gross and had broken zippers, so we bought new ones) 14. Dig out a couple of old lunch boxes to use as Breakfast-in-the Car and Afterschool Snack boxes.
15. Create morning and afternoon routines and start practicing BEFORE school starts.
16. Aug. 1, start modifying sleep and wakeup schedule.

I also improved the launchpads by added a box for the favorite paper the boys bring home each week.  The box is a cheapo kitchen basket that costs less the three bucks.  It is big enough to hold thirty six sheets of paper (the number of weeks in the school year) and 8 1/2 by 11 sheets of paper.  The labels are color coded (green for Ander and orange for Loki) and the launchpads are in the linen closet between the boys' rooms.  Loki is younger and shorter, so his stuff is on the lower shelf.


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