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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekly Calendar Update

Back in the days of a "real" job, I went through my calendar on Monday mornings and made sure I had everything done or scheduled or up-to-date. But now that I am a SAHM, I find Sundays are better, as hubby is home to watch the kids. (Well, during Legislative Session, he's only home for two hours in the morning. But that's something!)

I find, now that I am staying home, that fewer things get copied from week to week to week. You know what I'm talking about, right? How I've been meaning to schedule that routine dental checkup for weeks now? How cleaning out the car never really gets done, but just copied from list to list?

But I am missing something - structure to the day/week. I find myself unable to schedule anything, because I can't force myself to dedicate to a time. Sure, when I had work, I would schedule the dentist because it meant I could take off on Thursday afternoon. But, now, without structured work, I don't really want to drag Loki out in the afternoon during nap, so it means dragging him out during the morning. And morning is me time. It's when I do the dishes and laundry, check my e-mail, and apply for jobs. I could do some of that stuff in the afternoon, but then I won't have clean dishes to cook lunch and laundry won't get out of the dryer in time to not wrinkle. It ruins my day.

Hmm, looks like I do have structure. It's just not structure that has room for the dentist.


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Mommy said...

Appointment day scheduled every week. if you don't have an appointment that day, go to the park or something fun for Loki so he doesn't hate appointment day.