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Monday, April 16, 2012

Homemade Planner?

I love to shop the planner section at Office Depot, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, and Target. If we had a Staples, I'm sure I would be there, too. But you know what I've realized? I'll never be happy with someone else's planner.

I am currently fairly happy with my monthly and weekly layout (Day-timer Family Plus). But I need a daily checklist that works for me. I need a master task list that has room for categories, due dates, and notes. Menus must be on the weekly planner. Weekdays must all be on the left and MUST include a place for time-sensitive to dos.

I make a lot of custom inserts for my planner. I simply fold paper in half, use the page marker to hole punch perfectly, and print out an A5 sheet. Now I'm considering making my planner pages for next year myself. Crazy? Too much work? But it's cheap and I could make them for ME!


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