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Monday, April 30, 2012

Leaving the House with Everything

In the morning, I may or may not be going to escort my nephew to a school event.  He needs a "parent" and his momma has to work.  But he isn't feeling well, so I'll find out at 6:30 a.m. if it's a go or not.  Normally, I pack everything the night before, but in the interest of not doing extra work (and packing just to unpack), I'm waiting to find out in the morning.  I built an extra 15 minutes into my schedule for packing.

If I do leave the house, there is so much to remember.  At least my preschooler is totally out of diapers and is staying with Grandma, so no diaper bag.  But I will have to bring, at a minimum, my cell phone (better charge it tonight), my laptop (in case there is wi-fi ;)), and my Nook (better charge that, too, and download another book), as I will have to entertain myself all day.  I also have to pack my meds (4 times a day right now), plenty of water (because I must drink a FULL glass with each med), breakfast, and lunch (that I can carry with me).  Of course, I need my wallet (money and ID), glasses, and lip gloss.  (I wouldn't leave home without my lipgloss!)  I'll bring my planner, of course, so I can get some work done on the road.  I need my camera to take pics for my sister.

In general, I would ALWAYS set this stuff out the night before.  Also, if it is stuff I pack again and again, like for substitute teaching or grocery shopping and errands, I keep a checklist of what goes with me in my planner on a sticky note, which I move to the weekly calendar pages when I need it and move back to the file portion of the planner when I don't.  But how do humans really keep up with this stuff when their lives aren't predictable?  (Bringing a lunch that can't go in a frig or being on 4 times a day meds isn't predictable for me.)



Mommy said...

“ But how do humans really keep up with this stuff when their lives aren't predictable?”
I carry a purse that has what I need in it. I don't change purses. I have another bag that I can put things in that I only need for that day. I occasionally clean out my purse, restock things that got used up, or remove no longer needed items. The only thing that has to go back in my purse in the morning is my phone and possibly my keys.

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