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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lenten Sacrifices

So, I've been thinking and thinking about what to give up for Lent. Yes, I'm a *bad* Catholic. But I'm only *bad* in that I think the Church is wrong about birth control (particularly forms of birth control that block as prevention, as opposed to permanent and hormonal forms of birth control), gay marriage, and male-only priests. I think other ideas, like making a small Lenten sacrifice, are really good. (Aside - except for those of you ***cough***EBeth***cough*** who are giving up Facebook for Lent. You suck. :))

But what to do? I'm considering bringing lunch everyday. Eating out is expensive. Plus, I eat breakfast out, and given my medical situation (I'm on a med that requires breakfast, but I am so nauseous at breakfast time (always have been, even as a little girl) that I get sick if I eat too early or if I eat something that isn't hot. Weird, I know. So I eat breakfast out and that's not going to change. But lunch - I could pack lunch. The problem, of course, is not the temptation at lunch time, but the night before. Will I get around to cooking and packing lunch? Will it take too much time from my family? I'll still have times when I am on the road or have lunch meetings, but otherwise, I could bring lunch. Couldn't I?

Screw it. I'll just exercise four times a week. That's killer, too.


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