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Friday, February 12, 2010

An Extra Day

Having an extra day, especially with my teenage godchild around to help with the kids, is letting me catch up on so much undone stuff. I put away remaining Christmas stuff (except a small string of outside lights that we've repurposed as Mardi Gras lights ;)). I've done the filing and throw out old boxes from my law office and done laundry and entertained children and cleaned up little piles of messes all over the house. I've worked on walking with Loki (who is ALMOST walking). I wish hubby was home, but I can't have everything that I want. :(

I wish every week was a four day week. It seems about right for humans to work 4 8-hour days, spend one day doing home-based work, one day off, and one day at church. Instead, something always get chopped. For us, it tends to be church. I struggle with faith anyway, and when Sunday rolls around, with two little kids and sleepiness and laundry to be done - we are more likely to skip that than anything. When we do go to church, we spend the whole week playing catch-up. And, really, are you more efficient on Friday? I'm not. So i propose Fridays off. It's not a lazy issue. It's a realistic, humans need more rest, exercise, and prayer/meditation issue.


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Rachel said...

Wow, you had a more productive day than I did, that's for sure.