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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Cook!

Truly, I'm a pretty decent cook. I only say that because a) my husband is constantly on a diet and some sort of weirdo fool who feels "guilty" if I cook dinner so will not eat with the family and b) my friends ALWAYS seem surprised when they taste my cook, presumably at the fact that said food is edible. I would like to cook, if someone else always cleaned up and watched the kids while I cooked and if I didn't have to eat leftovers for four days (see above, hubby who won't eat with us). I like leftovers, but four days is too much. But I actually am a decent cook.

So, tonight, I made roast and plan mashed potatoes and corn to go with it. Last night, I made teriyaki stir-fry. I make chili about once a month (served in several ways - super nachos, chili cheese toast, or tator tots with chili). If it's cold, I make chicken or beef stew. I make a mean Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, ham, roast, snap beans, sweet potato casserole, and lemon meringue pie).

But I cannot manage a good grilled chicken. It's ALWAYS too dry. And I cannot make a balsamic vinegrette achieve the creamy goodness that is restaurant dressing. If I could do that, I'd have salads everyday.

However, I can cook. You just wouldn't know it, based on my restaurant addiction (because I eat even better than I cook).


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