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Friday, June 26, 2009


I don't like Westerns. I hate shot them up space shows (like Star Wars...icky).

So why is it that I've watched the entire Firefly series as many times as I've read Harry Potter?

I'm fascinated by the relationships. The Shepard who brings respect to the Companion (translation for nonfans: high class legal prostitute). The Doctor who is awkward. The Pilot who doesn't understand his value, but is secure enough as a man to marry the strongest Warrior Woman I've ever seen. The Captain who loves his crew like he wishes God loved him.

I wish I knew such complex, brave characters in real life. I think of a few of my friends and know they have the potential for such stories inside of them. But, mostly, people in real life are concerned with what shows to wear or what to watch on tv. In today's society, relationships are second to the daily grind. Relationships are based on things rather than character traits.

I think I'm going to move towards discovering and respecting character more than I have. I'm going to spend more time interacting with people and less on the daily grind. I'm going to find some Serenity.



Misty said...

neat post. the relationships are definitely what i love about that show too.

Anonymous said...

yay, you - a worthwhile venture, indeed. Jake