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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scariest Moment EVER

Yesterday afternoon, Loki was sleeping peacefully after a fitful day. I was sitting next to him, chatting on the phone with a friend. Suddenly, he went pale and limp. He wasn't breathing.

You cannot imagine the level at which I freaked out.

We are in the hospital today and still on lots of oxygen, but Loki really does seem fine. He is maintaining his oxygen at 100% (yippee!!!), nursing fine, and flirting with the nurses. They will start to wean him from oxygen today (in fact, they just turned it down) and then, once he goes 12 to 24 hours with no supplemental oxygen, he can go home.

At this point, they think he has a virus (not RSV, though). He has a bit of cloudy spots on his lungs, probably a bit of pneumonia. In addition, they did test for whooping cough and we won't have results for 72 hours from the test (which means no kiddo visitors). Apparently, despite vaccines, Louisiana has seen a big increase in whooping cough.

It's such a relief that Loki is pulling on all his tubes and laughing and playing (and fussing at us for putting him in his cage). He seems fine.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers.



Mommy said...

I think I know how freaked out you were. I almost started crying.

Miss-buggy said...

poor guy! Will be saying a prayer. Nothing more scary then your little one in the hospital. HUGS and prayers

Anonymous said...

This is good news. Praying for continued improvement. Thank God you were sitting next to him and realized what was happening and knew what to do! - DM.

Mathochist said...

These babies are going to give us so many gray hairs!

Guess which vax I did *not* go back and get before we left because B came down with this cold... No wonder our ped was really pushing me to get it before we left. Please shoot me a text msg when you get the results.

Hope he is well enough to be discharged tomorrow!

-Knowles said...

So glad Loki is doing better. I can only imagine how freaked out you were- scary!