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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Afternoons Suck

Alan and the boys can sleep for up to four hours on a lazy Saturday afternoon. They crashed around 2 p.m. and sleep until almost 6 p.m. I don't mind a quick nap, but then I am up.

I can't really clean up, because the noise will wake the baby. And with Alan sleeping, I'd then be watching a cranky baby.

I can't watch tv, because Saturday tv sucks.

I get bored and lonely. Sometimes we go out on Saturday night, but that's pretty rare. Sometimes I sleep, but I'm not by nature a napper, so that doesn't last long. And then they are wide awake, and I'm cranky from my half-nap sleep. Plus, Alan wants to do all the chores on Sunday, because he sleeps Saturday away.

That makes Sunday suck, too.

So much for the weekend.



Rachel said...

You should quietly leave the house and go to a coffeeshop. Get a few hours' work done, so you can leave work early on Monday.

Anonymous said...

We shuttled kids to events, watched crappy tv, did some chores and wished we could take a nap. Sunday was more kid's shuttle bus, laundry and chores. Plus, we pulled a tooth!

-Knowles said...

I would love to have great nappers and a quiet house! Make plans with your girlfriends before the kids' activities take over your Saturdays!