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Monday, April 20, 2009

Loki Goes To The Doctor

Loki's been having a little cough since Friday, but has been fine and happy. Honestly, I thought it was almost gone.

Last night, I heard him cough quite a bit. This morning, when I went to nurse him, I noticed he was gasping every now and then. He was struggling to get air. Then, after he nursed, he vomited it all. That happened again (and everytime since), so at 8 a.m., I called the doctor.

He has a spot on his lungs (but no fluid, so not diagnosed with pneumonia, yet) and a low oxygen level (around 94) that was fixed with a breathing treatment. The doctor will recheck on Wednesday to make sure he doesn't have to go to the hospital. Of course, if it gets worse and better better, we go in before then.

Since we left the doctor, he is coughing and still struggling to breath, but happier now that we are home. I've never seen any of my kids this sick. It was/is really scary.

He can't eat without vomiting. The peditrician said to try to nurse inside of weaning to bottles this week (even though that will up production again - sigh) so he can get small amounts and not overeat and vomit. Still, he eats for only a couple of minutes and then upchucks. At least we still have wet (barely) diapers.

Also, no daycare allowed this week. Fabulous, really. I have a ton of work, have to nurse every two to three hours, give breathing treatments every four to six hours, watch a three year old, and work from home. Gre-ate. But it's better than the hospital.


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mandy (pw) said...

Poor Loki I hope he is feeling better soon.