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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Showing A Preference

Loki is showing a preference for certain people at certain times. He is particularly fond of my dad, probably because my dad has a "never put a baby down policy." The stinker (my dad, not the baby) hands the baby off for someone else to put him down. So Loki knows he gets to keep arms (which is what we call being held).

Loki also likes anyone who will bring him outside. I'm pretty sure he understands the word "outside."

Oh, and he likes me the most! :) He said, "ma ma ma ma ma" yesterday, at my urging, though I suspect he is still just babbling.


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pacatrue said...

As the guy who teaches Child Speech, I'd love to tell you a cool way to know the difference between mama and babbling, but I got nothing.