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Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Had A Date

Sunny called on Friday night. "Want me to watch the kids?" I swear, I was in the car and headed to her house faster than you can sneeze. I wanted a date night. I needed a date night. (Said date night ended with me snoring by 10:15 p.m., because I'm old and all, but still...food, over a table, without a burb clothe in sight.)

Alan and I need to have more dates. I like him more after a date. I feel rested and refreshed. Our house is a wreck, but I feel like I might be up to tackling the disaster areas after the date night off. We need to plan these things, but if you plan then, and then have a bad night with the kids or something, date nights become a chore.

We ate at Portobella's. I love that place! The salad dressing is to die for. Then we drank hot cocoa at Barnes and Nobles. (Clarification - I drank hot cocoa. Alan drank some nasty lemon tea stuff. I commented on how I never thought I'd date a tea person, but especially not a COLD tea person.)

Then we walked the overpriced windows of Perkins Rowe. Teeny bopper hell, really, but it was sort of nice to be a couple of decades more mature than the other people in the area. It was very anonymous. And the moon was shiny and the night was clear and cool.

Alan and I never really talk like we do on a date. It's funny how you can live with soemone, day after day, but not connect until you leave the house.

Nice date.


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