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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Other People Need Less Sleep

I think I understand why I'm so tired. Other people just need less sleep. I need 8 hours. 8 solid hours, and not a moment less. If I sleep less, I am incapacitated. I don't mean I get lazy. I mean I get blazing headaches, I fall asleep while driving, and I got sick, both with stomach illnesses and colds. I do other things faster than other people (like writing a letter or making a trial notebook or cleaning the kitchen), so I guess it evens out in the end.

Unfortunately, my children do not understand that mommy NEEDS eight hours.

At least they seem to have inherited my affliction, but they need to learn that it has to happen AT NIGHT.



Mommy said...

my optimal number of hours of sleep is about 9.

Frog said...

I would LOVE to get 8 hours, but that rarely happens. I've learned to function on much less. Especially now during tax season...

Derwinicus said...

I used to need 8 hours. Then I got a child who woke up all night long and only started sleeping through the night about 4 months ago. And now I have a baby that eats once or twice a night. So I function on less than optimal but I can't wait till I can sleep again!