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Monday, August 6, 2007

So Many Children

We had a really nice time seeing John and Misty (and their two lovely kids) this weekend. Planning was pretty last minute. We cleaned and cooked, and eventually, people started to show up and all went smoothly. But it was scary how many kids were there!

There were babies. There were toddlers. There were preschoolers. There were school-aged children.

Alan decided (smartly) that toys had to stay in the toy room, or the adults would have no room to walk around. (Well, the babies could take toys out, of course, but not toddlers on up.) Of course, the kids didn't love that idea, so much time was spent herding the toys back into the room. Ander and JD, both of whom spend enough time with our toys to know they are usually allowed out, just looked confused. Some of the other kids just seemed to think the grown-ups must be stupid. :) But when clean up time came, I LOVED LOVED LOVED the rule. It might become a new rule in my house.



Mamaebeth said...

all the toys live in the family room at our house... and while the occasional straggler appears on the coffee table near the kitchen, it really is nice to have the clutter of play confined to one room.
the biggest difference i see is that the family room is where we keep all the toys like the tv and phillip's art stuff so that we can all spend time together.

Frog said...

I don't like all the toys in the living room. I'm thinking maybe the sunroom will be the toy room since Tad's bedroom is upstairs.