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Friday, August 17, 2007

Computer Goodness

I'm getting a free laptop! I'm pretty stoked. The indigent defender office I work for is giving the attorneys laptops. I really needed one (well, specifically, I needed another computer, but laptops cost about the same as desktops these days), but it wasn't in the budget. So it's a happy bit 'o news.

I'm feeling better today. Not great, mind you, but 100% better. Ander's nose is running like a faucet and he's coughing. Yuck. I am actually considering going to Strollerfit, if my feeling better continues, and will probably go to work regardless (since I feel better, just maybe not better enough to exercise). But I'm giving it a little while, because yesterday I felt bad, but thought to myself that I was only missing work because I'm the boss and I can, so I went anyway. On the way, I got so overcome with stomach distress and weakness that I thought that if I wasn't the boss, I'd definitely be calling in sick. I then suffered (mostly in the bathroom) all day and last night I was weak and sore. So I'm taking the morning very leisurely, and we shall see if I really feel better as time for Strollerfit comes. Ander really needs to rest. He woke early the last couple of days, and he has such a bad cold. But he won't lie down, so I guess we are in for a long day of whiney toddler.

I am really working hard on not giving in to the whine. Really hard. I've been ignoring the whine, except to remind him once to use his big boy words if he wants something. When the whine is accompanied by attempts to hit/bite/otherwise maim mommy, he gets a warning and then gets puts in timeout. That usually does the trick, but he is not stopping until after timeout now, when before, a warning about timeout usually took care of the problem. So I spend a lot of time waiting for him to finish his timeout time (30 seconds at a time, but he gets silently put back everytime he leaves the corner, so it can actually take a couple of minutes, at least the first time of each day).


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