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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Power of a Planner Over Scraps of Paper

Even though I use my planner regularly and mostly keep it organized, there are times when the sticky notes and random entries get overwhelming.

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When your planner gets overwhelming, pull out the crazy pages and random post-its and bits of paper (the Before picture) and reorganize it (the After picture). 

Be smart about it. 

What would help you do a better job of knowing what to do and when?

Figure that out, and use that information to plan.

The main keys to keeping your planner organized:

1. Have a place for everything and write things in that place, so you don't end up with random scraps of paper. 

2. If you need a reset, reset. 

3. Make sure that there is a designated place for all information (or create a designated place), so that you don't fall into chaos again.

In my case, I noticed that I keep copying errands from day to day. I solved that problem by making a weekly errands list on a post-it on my weekly page marker, and jotting the due date to the left of the errand. After all, I try to do all the errands on the same day.

I also had a lot of things that needed to be done this week, but not on a certain day. I did a weekly task list on a post-it on my weekly page marker.

There were things that I was jotting down on my dashboard because I didn't really have a designated place in my planner for them.

For example, Christmas ideas are coming in quickly, but I don't have a Christmas project set up yet, so I set up a Christmas project page.

Once there is a place for everything, keeping your planner organized and workable is so much easier.


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Jaime Barfield said...


Cori Large said...

I do this when I'm questioning if my system is working for me and should I buy another planner. It helps calm the cray-cray. Also, because I'm watching your videos, I know read your posts in your voice. Kinda fun.

Steph Caldwell said...

This article came up just in time! I am starting to get Christmas ideas flowing and I have 2 post its on my dashboard now with them!

Anna said...

Great ideas. :) I learned that writing notes on random scraps of paper is never really a good idea for me. They get lost too often. I need so spend a little time reorganizing my planner, though.

She Yarns Crochet said...

I envy those who can maintain a planner. I try but....Thanks for sharing your tips with us at Funtastic Friday.