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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How to Write Assignments in a Planner

If you are a student or, like me, the parent of a student, homework assignments create a dilemma.

Usually there are too many to merit a DUE DATE entry without making big deadlines fade away in the clutter of the planner page, but the due date needs to be written down. 

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I solve this problem by writing my 2nd grader's assignments on a sticky note on the Today page marker.

I can't miss it in my weekly spread, but it's out of the way until we are ready to do homework.

TIP: If you are a student, schedule a regular daily time to tackle homework and reading.

TIP: This tricks works well for ongoing projects or weekly tasks, too! Just put the projects in your project section and list them in your weekly spread just like the homework is listed. That way, projects stay on your radar.


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Jaime Barfield said...

EVen though my kids are big enough to keep up with their own homework assignments, I still write down the due date of big projects, so that I can keep check on whether or not they are working on them. I always write them on weekly calendar on day due

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