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Friday, June 12, 2015

Planner Tip: The Fold and File

A few things that Loyal Readers know about me:

1. The Loki has epilepsy.

2. I use a Projects section in my planner.

3. I double-side punch my blank planner paper.

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Today, at the epilepsy doctor's office, I realized that the doctor only needed to see my notes from the last visit until today's visit. But until the school year ends and grades are complete, I really can't file away the rest of The Loki's Medical Log project.

I folded up the double-punched papers with both holes in the rings. That created a lovely page marker and a natural barrier from accidentally double counting a seizure.

The Fold and File technique could also be used for any old log that you want to mark as inactive, but not pull from your planner quite yet.

Calorie logs, exercise logs, old menus, old birthday plans, old first day of school checklists...anything!

Caution: It does make your planner thicker, so reserve this technique for items that need to be there (as opposed to filed or archived elsewhere) but that you need to protect yourself from accidentally treating as active pages.


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Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic idea!