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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Packing Lists: OneNote 2013 and Surface Pro 3

On Saturdays, I try to give you a peek into how I am using technology to achieve order in my life. Today, I'll show how I keep track of packing lists.

If you don't use technology for packing lists, let me encourage you to do so. I used my planner for packing lists for a long time, but this is one of those organizing areas where technology just makes sense!

Right now, I am using a Surface Pro 3 (Amazon affiliate links available to the right) and OneNote 2013 (a free download here). But this post has some great tips even if you are using Word, Excel, Evernote, or any digital planning tools.

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Steps for Building a Packing List

1. Brainstorm what you plan to bring.

For this trip, and only for this trip, I need some printouts of documents. Using only an old list would have missed that detail.

2. Add anything from old lists that was missing.

I had forgotten to pack sunglasses.

3. Check that you have enough outfits for each day. (See the purple notes, above.)

I rewear stuff like jeans and sweaters. I also bring one extra of everything.

4. Add any notes about times or weather. (See the green notes, above.)

The weather will be mild, but rain means that I need to bring a raincoat.

5. Add any task and schedule in your planner. (See the red notes, above.)

I need to go grocery shopping before my trip!

6. Check off items that can be packed ahead of time. (See the check boxes.)

If I can pack it ahead of time, I do. Unchecked items should be the only things packed the day of the trip.

7. Highlight each item as you pack it. (See the purple highlights.)

This ability to highlight works to "scratch out" completed items.

8. Archive your list for future packing list creation.

To archive my old paper planner lists, I simply snapped pictures of the old lists and filed them in OneNote (under Files/Packing Lists/Old Lists). Now I can just toss those papers, as my laptop has the pictures and they are backed up on OneDrive.

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