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Monday, September 29, 2014

Update: Weight Loss Planning

About a month ago, I blogged about Planning Project Weight Loss.

Here's an update after 4 weeks...

Lost 4 pounds.

Stayed under calorie goal about 33% of the time.

Only exceeded calorie goal by an average of 200 calories the other 66% of the time, which means I still ate less than calories burned every day.

I exercised 12 times in the past 30 days. That's pretty impressive when you consider that I had bronchitis for two weeks and could barely workout.

I've eaten fruits and veggies and lean proteins (mostly chicken) daily and in generous servings.

I don't know if Project Weight Loss is going to change my medications or medical stats, but it should. Writing all this stuff down in my planner, which is always with me, really seems to be the key to consistent weight loss.



Anna said...

Keep up the good work. :) I always find that the consistency is hard. I have good ideas, but the complications of life get in the way. I"m impressed that you were able to exercise so much even though you were sick.

Unknown said...

This is great. I'm hoping to use a planner to get on track with my own weight loss success. Good luck and congrats lady!