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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Planner Hack: Double Punched Planner Inserts (Video)

Anyone who uses a monthly or weekly spread exclusively knows what happens when he or she puts a list or any other paper between the weekly spread. Some of the information disappears from sight (and, in my case, at least, from mind).

There is a simple planner hack that is working for me to solve the problem of out-of-sight out-of-mind weeklies. In particular, it lets me look at my daily insert and the current upcoming days/days of the week. I did a video about the hack with additional examples here.

I simply hole-punch the daily sheet on both sides of the daily page.

That way, no matter if it is the first half of the week (Mon - Thur)...

...or the second half (Fri - Sun)...

I can see the upcoming days.

TIP: Use this same hack with anything in between your pages, including task lists or homework lists.

TIP: To make the holes perfectly even, fold the paper in half vertically and just hole punch the outside edge all at once. Unfold for perfect edges.


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insilico said...

This might work quite well with to do lists in order to enjoy both sides of the paper :) great idea

Love your blog :)