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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Planning Project Weight Loss

I was sitting in front of cafe au lait and beignets with a friend yesterday, talking about weight loss. She has lost a ton of weight (under medical supervision) and not only looks amazing, but so much healthier.

On the other hand, I feel frumpy and am outgrowing my clothes.

(For the record, I don't actually eat beignets. I do actually eat all the other famous New Orleans food that you've heard about. THAT is the problem.)

In addition to my real world reality check, a blogger posted this fitness plan that she created in her planner. Her post was perfect timing, and, beyond that, it spoke to the way that I think and plan.

So I did something that I have definitely done before. I created a weight loss project in my planner. I'm almost scared to blog about it, in case I fail at this again. But it's a really good project set-up, and people have been asking to see a project actually set-up, versus just what is a project is (an active, multi-step action) or how I arrange the projects in my planner.

So, here it is. My Weight project...

Many of the very best details all come from the blogger mentioned above, so go visit her link, too. But some of them are my ideas.

Some of the best details:

*The food log is easy to fill out and gives guidance on how many calories I can consume.

I don't need the specifics of which food I ate. I know what I ate. I do need to know how many calories I have left to consume and that I am eating enough healthy, real food. So I have a system of noting the number of calories that are the goal for each meal, a running total of calories consumed, and a total of fruits and vegetables eaten.

*A list of calories that are in frequently eaten foods are listed in the planner.

This affords me the opportunity to avoid looking up calorie counts for every single meal. It makes logging convenient. And let's face it. If it's not convenient, I'm not doing it.

*The exercise log is simple but revealing.

TIP: Never hide appointments and tasks in the Project section of the planner
Schedule the exercise on your calendar. That schedule does not belong in HIDDEN project pages. Make logging food and exercise part of your weekly/daily task list.

*Hide weight and measurements tracking in the Project section.

People constantly see my planner. They do not need to see my weight.

*Set out small goals, like weight loss goals, in a very visual way.

*Plan rewards.

*Make general notes of the plan and stick to it.

*Have backup plans available, like a list of exercises to do anywhere, anytime. Put the list of class options at the local YMCA in the planner. List the go to low calorie foods.

My husband said yesterday that he gets that I am a planner. He understands that this is MY only option for weight loss.

It is, you know. If it's not in my planner, it's not happening.


P.S. I fixed the broken link.


Joanny said...

Hi Giftie.
I'm very excited for you that you have decided to do this. Thanks again for the mention and all the best with your journey.
Oh btw the link doesn't work. Just thought I would mention :D

Giftie Etcetera said...

Fixed it! I can proof everything else before I publish, but Blogger hates to let me proof links.

Carnan said...

Love this. . . Perfect timing.