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Friday, August 22, 2014

One Second, Two Seconds, Three Seconds

I have some changes to my planning to share that are as easy as 1, 2, 3. And they are quickies!

Can you spot them?

1. When recopying a task (like Desk Pile in the 23rd pic above), put hash marks to show how many times you have recopied the same task. Takes about 1 second. (Not really a change, but I am rededicating to doing this.)

(Now, you know I NORMALLY wouldn't leave that pile of crap hanging out on my desk, but broken toe, people!)

2. Superscript your context codes. See the H before "Desk Pile"? That means that task must be done at "H"ome, as opposed to as an errand, at my computer, at work, or anywhere. Takes about two seconds, depending on which letter of the alphabet you are using.

3. Hole punch BOTH sides of inserts that fit between the weekly spread. Takes about 3 extra seconds.

That way, you can still see your weekly insert for the day, along with your task list or daily page or chore list or homework sheet or whatever other WILDNESS you put between your weekly spread.

Kisses (mostly because the pain meds for my toe are kicking in...and I already worked in the word "quickie" ;)).


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