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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Planner Weight Loss (For Me, Not My Franklin Covey)

As I wrote today's title, I realized that my planner is getting a little thick and could stand a good purging. But the extra blubber on the planner isn't going to kill anyone. My waistline, on the other hand...

I recently hit the highest weight of my life. The number was bad. It started with a 2. I'll just pause and leave you with THAT reality for a second.




I am determined to get the weight off, and my planner and the My Fitness Pal app are my tools for winning this fight!

This post overviews all the ways I use my planner to lose weight.

NOTE: I don't have a "diet" section in the planner. That's because eating healthy and exercising are involved with almost every aspect of my life. Household management to make sure I buy the right foods and have a clean kitchen, planning work times so I can exercise, and knowing my schedule so I can plan meals are all important parts of losing weight.

*A breakdown of daily calorie goals stares at me when opening the planner.

Let's face it...if you tell me that I have 1,800 calories (yes, that amount is pretty quick weight loss when your weight starts with the number 2), I will eat 1,800 calories before noon. This way, I can realistically determine that cafe' au lait, oatmeal, and one slice of center cut bacon is enough.

*I generally put calories in the My Fitness Pal app, but if my phone is recharging, I jot calories consumed on the dashboard of my planner.

*I list groceries to buy on the shopping list.

Look at all those veggies.

*I schedule group workouts and weekly shopping trips on my monthly calendar.

This school year, I am organizing a walking group a couple of times per week in a park near the school right after daily carpool.

I also schedule shopping so that I don't eat junk just because I am out of food.

*I jot (in a highlight color) a daily time plan on the weekly calendar, including time to exercise.

*I have a log of fruits and vegetables consumed on my weekly pages.

*I have a task to sign up for the YMCA on my weekly task list.

The truth is that I haven't signed up yet because I fear I'd waste the membership, between the new walking group, home workouts (usually with a step and weights), and friends working out with me in the park.

*I have a weekly menu on my weekly pages to plan healthy meals.

*My weekly goals' sticker includes exercise and eating fruits and veggies.

*I list exercise and healthy snack ideas in the files section of my planner.

Those are all the ways that I organize my health journey. So far? 5 pounds down since February (but I only got serious in July).

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Elaine said...

I also let my weight get out of control over the last year. I am using MyFitnessPal to track calories and it really helps.

I am not happy because I like to eat a lot of sweet and salty foods. I'm not talking about pickles either.

I like candy and chips, the more the better.

However, I have dropped seven pounds this summer. I still have a ways to go, but at least I'm moving in the right direction now.

Of course, that's the only thing moving. I haven't added any exercise to the mix.

Christine Cortese said...

After losing and regaining I've modified my approach - am taking a few months until i find just the right diet mix that works for me, and THEN i'll work on an exercise plan. I can't change too many habits at the same time or I'll fail on all of them.

Jules said...

I love that you don't have a separate weight loss section. You're so right, the lifestyle change is integral to your life.

I've found that drinking water helps. It fills me up, and I'm replacing a café au lait. Walking with friends is great; that makes them part of the solution. I took up cycling recently to mix it up. Sounds like you've got great variety.

Good luck! We're rooting for you! said...

Right there with you! I like to break my calories down per meal, too. I hate keeping track of where I'm at or possibly running out before I run out of daylight. Dividing them up by meal helps me stay on track.

Love the way you're managing all the stuff that goes with weight loss.

jade said...

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