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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Video: The Meat Of The Planner

There is no Mouse in this planner video.

We have killed Mouse! Rejoice and be glad! 

(Seriously, y'all, I feel an itty bitty bit bad about killing a living creature but my asthma is really ramped up and killing Mouse means I don't need to move least until and unless we see any signs of Mouse II, The Sequel. So two rounds of steroids, two doctors' visits, and one ER visit later...hooray for the demise of Mouse.)

Today I recorded a video explaining how I use the most important parts of my planner - the "meat" of my planner, including the in-box/dashboard, monthly view, and weekly view. I've tweaked the weekly view, especially the menu and task list portions, to make it easier to use.

Video: The Meat Of My Planner

My main tips in the video:

1. Take a second to look at the in-box/dashboard area and make sure you aren't missing anything important.

2. Check your monthly page for timed events.

3. If your time is limited, focus on the must dos, should dos, and want to dos for today, in that order, on your weekly pages.

BONUS TIP: Use magnetic page markers and Today book markers to help you turn directly to the appropriate pages quickly.

4. If you have additional time, hit up your planner Hot List for the week, focusing first on items that have several tick marks behind them from being rescheduled several times.

5. If you don't get to any other part of your planner, that's okay. If you are reserving your weekly space for the important stuff, not getting to your projects is no problem.


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Fantastic video. Love how you do your planning.