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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Publishing: Putting Together The Dream And The Plan

I am back to writing seriously again. Obviously, I am blogging fairly regularly, so you all knew that, but I am also trying to meet some goals with my novel writing. I got a jump start the last two years during November's Nanowrimo, but I didn't reach all of my goals.

Right now, I'm in the middle of four novels. Here's where I stand with each (including a sneak peek at some 
of my favorite lines - not necessarily the best, but the ones that are speaking to me right now - in each book):

1. Fiction, contemporary romance. 50,000 words already written. Goal is 70,000 words, edited. Favorite line today: "The crisp, suffocating odor of the burning sugar cane should not be appetizing, but it made her stomach growl."

2. Fiction, dramatic contemporary romance, complete with teen angst flashbacks. 35,000 words already written. Goal is 70,000 words, edited. Favorite line: "Lipstick is a decadent deception, whether cloaked in a deep, biting shade or a light shimmer of pink dust."

3. Fiction, young adult book, about a foster child. First chapter written, along with brief outline. Goal is 65,000 words. May hire someone to edit. Favorite line: "Janey knew the price that she would pay for her imperfection."

4. Nonfiction, about using a planner. Only outlined and whatever I've explored on this blog. Possibly for self-publishing.

The problem I am facing is two-fold.

First, I don't dedicate enough time to writing. I am not working outside the home most days of the week, so I should be disciplined and write daily. I don't.

Second, my planner lumps all four projects as one project (Nano 2013), but they are now four distinct projects, and I find myself hiding ideas, notes, and outlines on the mixed together pages. It makes it hard to just start writing each morning.

Is there something you really want, but you stop yourself from getting it by being undisciplined and unorganized?

I hope you will take a moment, right now, to change that along with me.

My system is working, but I am not working my system. I am going to solve both problems.

For the first problem, I am moving writing time to a more prominent place on my weekly pages. It's an important task, but not particularly time sensitive until I have a publisher and deadlines, so I need to change that and make it time sensitive. I hate artificial deadlines, but in this case, I need one.

Next, I will sort my Nanowrimo project into four separate projects, so that the information is easier to access quickly.

Simple, but hopefully effective. Sometimes, you need to plan and act to reach your dreams. This is one of those times.



Amy Ennis said...

For my writing, I use a bulletin board to keep my projects separate. I wish I had dedicated writing time, but alas, I don't. I'm like you with several projects going at once. I am currently editing 2 books and writing 2 books. I just bought an old fashioned planner to keep up with my promotions and interviews! Thanks for the advice!

Giftie Etcetera said...

I have to have several going on, since my head has all these words trying to escape.

~ Mari said...

I don't subscribe to the "write everyday" line. If I do, I get total brain mush.

Danny said...

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