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Monday, July 8, 2013

Planning An Event Using Checklists, Signs, And Schedules

I am currently in charge (sharing duties, actually) of a big volunteer event, involving several minor construction projects, four meals, two overnights, and 100 people.  My planner is working overtime.   I have had a project planning page for a long time, but since the event is this weekend, I've done everything on the list or moved it to my weekly task list or monthly calendar.

But lots of organizing happens outside of the planner.

I am carrying my tote bag with a bunch of papers in it.  The papers are held together in groups with binder clips, for those who care about such details.  I know my loyal readers care.  :)  And a post-it on each reminds me what to do with them.  "Post at sign-in."  "Post near stairs."  "Hand out during work assignment meeting."

First, there is a sign-in checklist.  As each person arrives, they have to go through the checklist.  Give me cell numbers.  Sign indemnity forms.  Pay their fees.  The forms and an envelope for the money are attached.  Checklists are really important because they help you not to miss anything.

Second, there are location signs.  "Put toys for childcare here."  "Please bring ice chests to your room."  Sure, some people will ignore the location signs.  But most people won't.  And those who do still will probably follow the crowd.

Third, there are warning signs.  "Children caught horseplaying on the stairs will be brought directly to their parents."  This sign is to back me up when I fuss at kids for running on the stairs.

Finally, there is an actual schedule, so everyone knows what time lunch will be served and when to check out of the building.  Sure, no one what's to stick to a strict schedule, but I suspect the act of having a schedule will make life easier for those preparing food and such.  I am not giving out the schedule, but am posting it in multiple locations.

I am including tape, highlighters, and blank papers for impromptu signs in my bag.  Hopefully, everything is covered.  If not, though, I will be organized and prepared.


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