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Monday, July 22, 2013

Organizing A Bottom Drawer Freezer - Revisited

I rarely recopy tasks in my planner.  I have a master task list, for things with no deadline.  I have a monthly task list, for things that are month specific (like turning in my bar forms every June or starting a Christmas plan every October).  My weekly task list contains everything that must be done this week, but if it can be done anytime, it usually goes on my monthly or master task lists.  If something must be done on a certain day (like grocery shopping or taking out the trash), I put it in the day's entry on my week-on-two-pages part of my planner.

But one task NEEDS to be done (because not knowing what is in my freezer makes menu planning impossible) but has been copied from week to week to week in my planner.  I HAD to update my freezer set-up and inventory.

I did this set-up and post originally:

Older Blog Post About Freezer

But after almost a year of use, things were a mess in my bottom drawer freezer.  So I buckled down and fixed the problems.  I even filmed it for you (it's short - under three minutes):

Video of Organized Freezer

Some of my best hints:

1. Use an inventory.  Use it every time you put something new in the freezer and every time you take something out of the freezer.

2. Use labels to show the family where things go in the freezer.  I like to put things that others (the husband and the children use) all in one place so that they don't mess up my set-up.

3.  Put like items with like items.  All raw meat goes with raw meat.  All ground beef goes with ground beef.  Cooked ground beef, for tacos or whatever, goes with cooked items.

4. Use baskets to contain like foods.  I just use cheap plastic storage containers (like ziploc) with no lids on them.

5. Freeze things flat whenever you can so that no one item takes up too much space.

Happy freezer organizing!


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