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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Gifting Season

All that Christmas lore about naughty and nice lists?  It just proves that Santa is freakin' brilliant, since Christmas is all about lists!

I actually keep most tasks and appointments on my task list and in my planner, so that I can overview exactly what needs to be done with everything else.  I add Christmas gifts to my errands list or my weekly shopping list, as I plan to buy them.  But I certainly have some special rules for myself and lists for keeping track of Christmas gifts.

1. Create a small wrapping center as soon as you start buying Christmas gifts and wrap as you go.  

For me, I use the child's table in the corner of my kitchen.  If you don't really have room for an out-of-the-way temporary wrapping center, consider wrapping a large box and putting it under the tree, filled with wrapping supplies.  I use a decorative Santa Snacks bucket (meant for putting cookies in the middle of the table) to hide scissors, tape, labels, and markers in plan site!  (I don't bother with bows and ribbons, but go for it, if you are into that stuff!)

2. Wrap Santa gifts in Santa faced paper so you don't get caught playing Santa.  

I just hide the paper with the Santa gifts.  Any paper with Santa's face on it is used only as Santa paper.  I buy it on clearance after Christmas.

I wrap each kid's gifts in different paper, so Santa can sort quickly at 3 a.m. on Christmas morning, and also so the boys can visualize their own pile (with their distinctive stocking on top and a couple of the biggest gifts unwrapped, like my four year old's much coveted castle this year).  In order to be able to wrap as I go and never forget which paper belongs to which boy, I cut swatches, labeled them with the correct child's name, and tape them in my planner.

3. Make special lists for people getting multiple gifts, like my husband or my kids.

Note in the picture above that I covered his list in sticky notes.  That's because he steals my planner when we are Christmas shopping together, and I didn't want him to see his list!

Here's a peek of the one for the boys.  I list corresponding gifts (and prices, though I don't try to spend the same thing) in two columns, so I can make sure gifts are about equal in size (though the younger kid's gifts are usually bigger) and number.

4. For everyone else, make a list including date the gift will be given, recipient name, markings if it is wrapped, what the gift is, and a place for any notes (like "Ordered Amazon 11/29").

On 12/23, I'll bring some of these to a party.  On 12/24, I'll be able to easily grab others from under the tree and not worry that I forgot someone.

I save this list from year to year to make a list next year.  :)

5. Have a separate space from your gift list to jot ideas.  

For me, that's the next page.  See?

Hope you have a fun, stress-free holiday!  Happy shopping and...

Ho. Ho. Ho.


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Wow - you are really organized! I thought I was organized but you left me in the dust.