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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paper Towel Cooking

I'm making creole style red beans and rice.  Yes, I know it's not Monday.  Just because I live in Louisiana does not mean I have to cook on Mondays!  Stop with your stereotypes.  I'm not doing laundry, either!  (It's hot.  And I am wearing a tank top and bare feet and have my hair up in a bun.  Oh, and some country music might be playing in the background.  There is a watermelon on my counter and some tomatoes ripening on my windowsill.  But don't stereotype, people.)

I used to cut my veggies for my meals and then try to clean up all the little flecks of garlic, thin onion skins, and tear-inducing onion juice.  One day, it occurred to me - use a paper towel for the part you are throwing away.

(Okay, this probably occurred to you ages ago.  Or you use a scrap bowl.  Whatever.  I'm SHARING in case someone else needs to know!  :))

Clean up is so much quicker and easier.

Yes, the arm in this picture is hairy.  Shush.  I'm Cajun.

A damp paper towel under the salt and pepper shakers during refill is also a miracle worker.  (Dampen it so the salt sticks to it and doesn't fall off.)

Yes, I am a 1/2 sheet paper towel chick.  If you reuse/recycle, a huge bowl or plate or a large kitchen towel can catch the scraps.

Oh, and when you are about to run out of something, like salt, put it on next week's grocery list right away when you figure out you are low on supplies.  If your planner has a set spot in your kitchen, it's always available for list making.


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