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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Everyday

The hardest part of staying organized is the everyday.  Today, for example, was full of surprises.  We got ready to go to free summer movie.  (By the way. Legends of the Guardians is too violent for a 3 year old.  And a 37 year old.  Oops.)  I had feed the kids breakfast and supervised the getting dressed, hair, shoes, and teeth.  I had a back packed, complete with mints for me and gummy somethings for the kids, so that we didn't have to buy popcorn.  (Popcorn that the 3 year old is ALLERGIC to, which is oh-so-much-fun.  {rolls eyes})   We were meeting someone, but no problem.  Easy peasy!

And then my coffee spilled.


All over the island, on the paperwork, and creeping towards my new Nook, the 3DS, and the library books.

I cleaned it up, but was 15 minutes late for meeting our friends at the movies.  Also, I am still finding coffee that dripped into odd little spots.

Then, once we got home, ate and cleaned up after lunch, and put the preschooler to bed, it was only two hours before my husband gets home from work.  Everyday this moment arrives - the one where I stop and think that I need to put laundry away and clean the kitchen and start supper, because this is my job.  But it happens, everyday, at the same time that I want nothing more than to watch tv (damn Oprah for giving up her talk show right as I decided to stay home) and read a good book.  Also, the 3 year old naps in my bedroom, which really makes it hard to clean in the dirtiest part of the house without waking him.  And I know I am going grocery shopping and cooking supper after husband gets home to watch the kids, so I know my day isn't ending.

The everyday.  That is the hardest part about this being organized thing.  My planner has appointments all day long, a checklist of daily goals that never get reached, and no room for down time.  I need to get a handle on this.  And I'm kind of clueless as to how.


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Baby Baskets said...

Do what I do. The 15 minute rule. Set the timer and do 15 minutes of something. then relax. Spray some polish in the air and he'll never know you didn't clean.