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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Top Eleven Reasons the Clarion Hotel in Monroe SUCKS (Because Ten Isn't Enough)

I would get on the Choice hotel website and tell them how awful their hotel happens to be, but their magical wi fi connects to Blogger but not facebook or their own website. Great work, Clarion. That's reason number 1.

Other successes that Clarion managed to achieve:

2. No one was working the desk at check-in. When someone finally arrived, they said hello and then made me wait five minutes after I asked to check-in.
3. They were incompetent at making the keys (all THREE of the desk clerks, since once they arrive, they seems to come in packs).
4. During my check-in nightmare, a lady came to the desk with three elementary school kids. She needed two extra blankets. They told her the blankets weren't dry and to come back tonight. She asked them to deliver them to her room, but the employee of the Clarion said, and I quote, "I might forget if you don't check back. So just come back later."
5, 6 & 7. This hotel, which costs only twenty dollars less than the Marriot (all hail the Marriot Monroe as my favorite example of excellence), is actually a motel. I can tell from the LACK of elevators (in violation of federal law, especially when my uncle who had back surgery last month was put on the second floor), outside entrances only to rooms, and the TOTAL LACK OF COFFEE SERVICE. WTF is up with no coffee in the lobby? Oh, that's right. There's no lobby for those of us assigned to the back of the hotel.
8. There is free breakfast, but they don't advertise it so you make other plans instead. I don't even want free breakfast. But if I was in a rush, I'd be pissed that I made breakfast plans. (Fortunately, the company will rock.)
9. The tv changes from the Disney channel to static channel at least once per episode.
10. They refused to make my mom's bed because, and I quote once again (this time, the note they left on the bed), "theirs (sic) a suitcase on the bed."
11. Despite my reservations for two adults and two children, they supplied one towel. When I called for more, they assured me they would be delivered. Five hours later, I had to walk outside IN THE RAIN BECAUSE IT'S NOT REALLY A HOTEL to get the damn towels myself.

Lack of coffee makes me cranky. I will forward this blog link to Clarion executives as soon as possible. I visit Monroe often, but not the Clarion. Never again the Clarion.


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John B. Cole said...

I will defend them on point 10 ONLY because they probably attract the kind of clientele who accuse the staff of stealing from them if said staff does something weird, such as moving a suitcase in order to make the bed.