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Monday, February 13, 2012

How My Car Has Stayed Decluttered for an Entire Month

My car is a constant mess. It's full of trash, last year's Christmas gifts (still in the gift bags), assorted McDonald's toys, and rotten bananas. (That last one is particularly gross when you can't locate the source of the smell.) Sippy cups grow mold under the seats. The rest of my world can be fully in order, but my car is always a mess.

Was. Was always a mess. I have found a solution, a set of tricks, that seem to be working. For an entire month, my car has stayed fairly empty of trash while still functioning for working on the go, carpool with a preschoolers and a school age kid, and family road trips.

Here is the plan that I am using with success:

1. I bought a cheap plastic cereal container to use as a trash can. I line it with a plastic grocery bag, seal it shut, and use the open and shut pour spout for dumping my trash into the can.

2. Each time I stop to get gas, I empty the garbage can, wipe it down with a baby wipe, and reline it.

3. All trash goes in the trash can. Since it's covered, it doesn't spill.

4. I always pour out liquids (Coke Zero and coffee, mostly) when I get out of the car.

5. I keep a bag with baby wipes, spare clothes (for the potty trainer), and plastic bags (for lining the trash can) hanging from a arm rest in the car.

6. I take everything out of the car, other than the spare bag and trashcan, immediately upon stopping.

7. I use my passenger seat to hold everything. That way, I HAVE to remove it after each trip.

8. While waiting (usually in car pool), I wipe down the interior of the car with a baby wipe.

That's it. I feel like I have slaughtered a giant dinosaur! (Can you tell Loki is coloring dinosaurs today?)


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