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Friday, July 30, 2010

Relaxing at Home

I seriously considered a Staycation this year. Ander has a pre-K meeting smack dab in the middle of the week we have vacation, so we'll be traveling, then home, then, presumably, traveling again. Sounds like a ton of work, really. But I know I have to leave the house to relax, because, frankly, my family does not know how to relax at home.

As soon as we exit the door, we can chat. We can sip drinks and play in shade and watch little animals scurry around. We can eat tasty food and play games.

But at home, we watch tv or play on the computer. The end. All of us, including Loki, can't seem to get unplugged. And if we unplugged for the "Staycation"? Well, I guess we'd probably die. Family of four, dead of boredom, story at 6.

I've heard tales of others who relax at home. I've heard of family dinners, glasses of wine in front of a roaring fire, and cuddles in the backyard under the stars.

Utter nonsense. Lies, I tell you! Those people make that crap up.



Anonymous said...

We can relax at home. But I know what you mean, because it is very hard to get everyone doing something fun together at home, and it's not long before someone's whining that they want to watch TV or get on the computer. (Note: it is not always a child.)


Mathochist said...

I DREEEEEAAAAAAM of unplugged family realxation at home. It never happens here, either. I hope your travels are fun and relaxing!