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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Personal Assistants

If you had a personal assistant, what would you have them do? I was walking this morning (a full 5K, but it was too damn hot to run) and thinking about it. I was actually thinking that I really want to start a company, sort of like a temp agency, that contracts out personal assistants by the hour.

In my dreamworld, someone would wash, fold, and put away the laundry, do the dishes every night, and take out the trash twice a week. Alan already does most of those chores, but it would be nice 1) not to have to help out and 2) to have him not busy and spending that time with the family. My personal assistant would do the grocery shopping (mostly my job), prep food for cooking, and pay the bills that need to be paid in person (like the car insurance). They would find all black velcro sneakers for my kid, book my hotels for my vacation, and do that pile of filing in my living room. They would convert the crib to a bed and bring the old playpen to goodwill. They would call the tree service and supervise while the service cut down the tree. They would plan Loki's birthday party and send out invites. And rent Ander's tux for his godmother's wedding. And bring my car to the car wash.

Won't you please send me a personal assistant? Thanks.



Brien Louque said...

Why do you have to have the car insurance paid in person? I have mine auto-drafted and I'm assuming you still have the same insurance.

Mathochist said...

My personal assistant would have 3 functions:

1) stay in the car with the kids while I pop into stores, so I don't have to spend longer getting them in and out of carseats than I do in the actual store. And/or so I don't have to wake the napper.

2) Keep me on time and on task ("Stacy, it's 11:30. You need to make lunch now" instead of the usual "Oh, crap! It's 1:00 and I haven 't even thought about lunch!!!")

3) Help me declutter/organize my house.

Hopefully by the time we finished #3, I would be good at #2 on my own. (& by then #1 would probably be obsolete! LOL!)