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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Who Reads My Blog

Isn't there a sneaky way for me to check who reads my blog? I'd love to know if any perfect strangers actually bother. Especially since I read several perfect strangers' blogs, obsessively.

Are they bothered that I never proofread?

Or that I spend so much time talking about mundane stuff?

Jake moved to town today. Woohoo! And Brien had a second interview for a job down here. Yep, I said down here! Keep your fingers and your toes crossed. Ander wants his Parrain home. And Mommy wants a babysitting who is ethically, morally, and spiritually bound not to say no. He he. He claims he doesn't change diapers, but I figure if Ander walks around saying, "stinky...nakey...stinky Ander...stinky diaper," eventually Parrian will be converted. :)

I'm working on gerunds (those are -ing words, right?) with Ander.

"Ander, who's driving?"
"Mommy driving."
"And who's riding?"
"Ander riding!"



Unknown said...

I read your blog!

PW Lori

pacatrue said...

Well, you can use statcounter.com if you aren't already using it or something like it. It logs all page hits to your blog and the source of those hits. It won't answer all your questions, but a few of them.

Mathochist said...

I read it when I can get my computer nickjr.com-addicted preschooler away from my computer! (He sadly has his mother's knack and affinity for silly video games.)

Miss-buggy said...

I read your blog although my name is not on your list. :P LOL bugging you. The ing words are harder for the kids. SOunds like he is doing really well!!
I also use sitemeter.com

Frog said...

I read your blog!!! I LOVE it and miss it when you don't blog!

Derwinicus said...

I'm just back now but I read it! My hubby has found a few ways to keep track of people who subscribe to our blog but not sure about who reads it. It would be interesting, wouldn't it?

Serial Mommy said...

i'll leave you a comment..i just found your blog...i'm on the pw ttcal board, i'm serial mommy...now that i have the address to your blog, i will obsessively read, and i hope you return the favor, though i know i should post more...and my grammer is a bit better there! hehe...prayers and blessings!