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Sunday, February 24, 2008

If Everyday Was A Weekend

It's so nice spending the entire day with my husband and child. For one thing, it's nice not to change all the diapers and make all the meals. But it's also nice to have an adult who I really happen to like to chit chat with.

Yesterday, we went to the toy store with Ander to buy his birthday present. Then we went to a Chinese restaurant for General Tso's chicken. Well, Alan eats the chicken. I like the sweet and spicy sauce over my fried rice.

After a long nap, we went to the Observatory with the D's and JD. We actually saw Saturn (and its rings and moons) through a telescope. We roasted marshmellows around the fire. And we hung with grownups. It was pretty cool.

Ander discovered some new things to like, like sword and aliens. Oh, and telescopes. The boy loved the telescopes.



Beorn said...

That sounds like an absolutely PERFECT weekend day. That's the yang, and I try to remind myself that it wouldn't feel so perfect if it weren't for the yin. But in the middle of a bad day (or just a day stuck in my apartment doing research) that's kind of hard to remember sometimes. (And yay Ander--telescopes were my favorite too! I was dead set on being an astronomer until I realized that astronomers spend less time marveling at heavenly bodies and more time crunching numbers. Numbers--ICK.)

Stac Cole said...

So...does the boy HAVE a telescope at home? 'Cause if not, HUB would be thrilled to get him one! By the way...we're gonna be late for the party. Bren's game is at 2 and they last about 45 minutes so we'll be there close to 3ish.