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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sitting At PJ's In LaPlace

...having a tall skinny mocha with whipped, enjoying wearing a sweater, and getting ready for a meeting (in 15 minutes). Post-meeting, I plan to return to PJ's and busting through the pile of work that I need to complete this week. I get so much more done at coffeeshops than I do in the office. I think the difference is that I still have my staff right at hand (via IM, cell, and email), but they aren't just right there, so I can't gossip or hang out instead of being on tasks. Sometimes, though, you have to break and gossip. It's just that in the office, it's easy to get sucked into a conversation. Out of the office, that rarely happens.

The other problem at the office is the constant phone calls. When I am out of the office, the calls go to my e-mail. I pre-prepare the answers, and then return calls all at once. It's so much more economical, timewise, but I hate to not be there for my clients if I am in the office. Somehow, it seems okay outside of the office, as long as I return calls quickly.

The real advantage, though, is the smell of coffee and the casual atmosphere of the coffee shop. I am happy here, so work doesn't feel like work. I really need to sneak out to a coffee shop more often, but I feel guilty when I leave Ander. That's silly really, since I am leaving him with his dad, and at home, his dad would usually be the one taking care of him anyway during coffee shop hours.

Well, I am off to my meeting.


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Anonymous said...

I used to love doing work in coffee shops too. It's totally the atmosphere - you don't feel rushed, the great aromas and the chilled out feeling. I could spend hours in a coffee shop, whether working or just relaxing.