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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Life I Secretly Want

I was watching Gossip Girls on tv. Yep, I watch Gossip Girls. And yes, I record it if I'm going to be out. And yes, I probably like it more than Grey's Anatomy (which is in no way a slight to Grey's, a truly awesome hour).

I want to be the poor kids on Gossip Girls. I want to live in their apartment and go the places they go and wear the things they wear. You know, if I am ever forced to be a teenager again. :/

But why not the rich kids? I don't want their lives. They look boring and stuffy. And I've always sort of been like that. (The opposite of my hubby, I might add.)

Money meant little to me as I grew up, and still means little, as long as I had the minimum I needed to pay meals and buy the ocassional cup of coffee. Having just gone on vacation, which cost quite a bit even when we budgeted, I understand that having a little money makes things easier, but it's time that I want rather than things. And money can only buy so much time.


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Krumpledwhiskers said...

I think that I have gotten a lot less interesting with every dollar I've earned. Seriously! :)