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Friday, May 13, 2016

4 Uses for a Free Box Printable from Planner Fun

Becky at Planner Fun teams up with Giftie Etcetera every month to offer a free printable, with a ton of new ways to use it.

This week, we are using her cool page full of boxes. So versatile. So simple. So useful.

Make sure to visit Becky's blog (link at the end of this post)! She's awesome and most of her printables are free.

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Confession time - I always get a little nervous when Becky sends me a template. After all, if I get too creative, my ideas might not be useful. If I'm not creative enough, they are repetitive and boring.

Yes, I think about this stuff.

And then I shrug and just let things happen. :)

Use the free printable boxes as a project index (and thereby limit yourself to the reasonable number of sixteen projects).

Notice that there was plenty of room to put a square around the letter that the project will be filed under. That simple trick makes filing so much easier.

Don't know how to use a project index?

Check out my YouTube video about projects (around minute 4:30).

Make a weekly lunch and dinner plan or a master menu list.

What? Your list doesn't include Popeyes?!?

Well, aren't you just Mrs. Self Control!

Seriously, though, you could pick 16 favorite family meals (like roasted rosemary and garlic chicken with a side of grilled zucchini and squash and a balsamic glaze...that's what I eat when I'm not chowing down on Popeyes ;) ). 16 meals are plenty to give you variety but still have access to new ideas if you get bored.

Keep an actual exercise log.

Journaling your exercise really helps you stay on track. If you are just starting, make your goal to fill up all 16 squares this month!

I've noticed over months of journaling that 16 days is the maximum number that I've ever achieved!

Track your goals (writing, money, calories) on a weekly basis.

This use is my favorite. I find the visual set-up very motivating. I'm writing a book about day planners and, well, I get lazy without goals!

Let me know in the comments how you use the free printable.

Now, visit Planner Fun to pick up your free printable! Go ahead...Becky won't bite!


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Jaime Barfield said...

I like these ideas. Creative. I will have to check out the projects one. That is my favorite.