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Friday, May 2, 2014

How To Schedule During A Planner Power Through

It's a busy time of the year for us. Between the many events in April and May (including Easter, Mother's Day, fair weekend, and First Communion) and my husband's busy season at work (which ends after May, thank goodness), we are barely functioning as a family. There is no planner in the world with room for my current to do list, and that's with anything unimportant moved to June.

Still, we are getting through with only a few meltdowns. My planner is still the secret to our survival. I am using my planner to capture thoughts, tasks, and appointments. I am powering through May, using time tested planner techniques.

1. Schedule the hard appointments. Hard appointments, for me, are pretty much set in stone. Only an ER visit or a death would cancel them.

For example, I schedule the kids' choir performance at the fair and the doctor's appointment on Monday on my monthly pages.

2. Schedule the soft appointments.

Work (the little W on my calendar) must happen, but since I work from home, the hours are not set. I am in a pretty good routine of working in the morning, but it needs to be there or I won't do it.

3. Put the maybes elsewhere.

I dump the maybe appointments (like a trip to use a store coupon before it expires) on the weekly pages this time of year. I just don't have the time to commit to them and I need to treat my monthly pages as a commitment.

Note that during the rest of the year, I usually put maybes on my monthly schedule.

June cannot get here soon enough.


1 comment: said...

Those times are tough - when you're just trying to get through. But at least it has an end. And at least you're organized enough to get through it!!!