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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dummy Tags

Yesterday, my husband asked my eight year old, "how do you forget your religion book every day? Didn't Mom put a dummy sticker on your backpack? Do you know what dummy stickers are for?!?"

He paused dramatically.

Then, in unison, my husband and I replied, "for dummies!"

My eight year old laughed and laughed. I suspect that I should regret the bad parenting (because, really, you shouldn't call your kid a dummy OUT LOUD and TO HIS FACE). But, as he just moved on and still forgot his religion book again, there's no point in apologizing, right?

I use dummy tags all the time for my stuff. (Um, does that make me a dummy? I think it might!)

I put a post-it on my purse with a list of things I need to take with me, but can't pre-pack (like lunch sitting in the fridge).

Post-it is now selling these custom made dummy stickers.

I found mine at Target. But, really, any post-it, taped strip of paper, or washi with writing on it would work.

(Aside - my husband asked me yesterday if my Nook cord was "the one with blue washi tape on it." Hmm, he knows what washi tape is? This brings our relationship to a whole new level!)



Denise said...

Love this idea! And yes I am a dummy too!

pattygardner.com said...

I guess I'm a dummy, too, because I use those ALL the time, too. My kids were here the other day and I wanted to send some old veggies with them for their chickens. But I always forget so I put a post-it on the door they exit through as a reminder.