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Friday, September 13, 2013

How To Solve Silly, But Stressful, Organizing Problems

I have a beautiful new purse. For a couple of weeks, I've been carrying around my (SHINY! HAPPY! PURPLE!) new bag, filled with my medicines, lip gloss, my umbrella (it rains often and at random in Louisiana), my planner, my glasses, my cell phone, and my keys. I adore the outside pockets for my cell phone and keys.

TIP: Consider what is creating an annoyance. 

But since I've owned my new purse, I keep mixing up my keys and cell phone. It's not that I can't tell the difference. (I know you were thinking "dummy!" If you were mom of The Loki, though, you might lose your ability to remember simple noun names, too.)

TIP: Consider how you use the item causing the annoyance. 

I have trouble finding my keys in the purse in the dark when I have to work mostly by feel.

I found a simple solution in the form of a keyring (the beautiful butterfly in the picture) attached to the side of the purse where I keep my keys. I can see it and feel it when I am fumbling for keys in the dark.

I am so excited about this simple (but brilliant, right?) solution. Inspired, I tackled a few other problems that had been little, but stressful, annoyances.

TIP: Consider where you use the item causing the annoyance.

TIP: Consider when you use the item causing the annoyance.

I put a container for Box Tops near the trash can, right over the drawer that holds the scissors. Instead of pulling out an envelope and finding scissors every time I discarded a frozen pizza box, this container placed in the right location made it easy. I collect a lot more Box Tops for my kids' school. 

I also moved the pencil sharpener near the trashcan and that really helps, too, during homework time.

TIP: Consider who uses the item causing the annoyance.

Another constant problem in my house is the little table next to my couch. I do a lot of laptop surfing next to the table and bits of trash get left on it all the time. I tried a trash can near the couch, but it was bulky and things still ended up on the table - gum wrappers, discarded post-it notes, and orange peels, to name a few. Since only one person (me) uses this area, a trashcan was too big for the purpose. I needed something more personal.

I put a pencil cup on the table and simply drop trash into it. I discard the trash whenever I get up to rinse my coffee cup. It's a perfect solution.

If you come across a problem in your daily life, use who, what, when, where, and how to find the simplest solution. Feel free to share your whats in the comment and I'll try to help you solve them.


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