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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Organized Pantry

I keep obsessively reorganizing my pantry. It is a pretty big pantry and has a decent layout, so I have to blame my OCD. I am never really happy with whatever I end up doing. Hopefully, I changed that today with a $3 over-the-door shoe hanger (bought on clearance plus Kohl's cash).

I used the door hanger to organize my condiments. As an added bonus, I can now tell at a glance if I need to stock up on something like crab boil. (I'm a Cajun girl, after all.)

I even labeled each category so that my family can unload the groceries sometimes without messing up the system. (Okay, I pretend that they will do that. We all know that's probably NOT going to happen.)

Some other tips:

1. I put school snacks in a low basket that the kids can reach.

2. I put like items with like items.

3. I used tiered shelving so that nothing is totally hidden.

4. Items that are rarely used, like paper plates, go in the back of the top shelf.

5. All baking items are in one basket so I can bring the whole basket into the kitchen to cook.



Willow Rose said...

Love those pocket organizers. I use them on most doors! Including pantry! Love yours and sooooo cheap!

mppaul2 said...

I spent my weekend doing the exact same thing :-)