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Monday, May 20, 2013

Use It Or Lose It (Your Planner, Of Course)

I usually look at my planner several times a day and in advance of making any plans. I actually keep all appointments on the monthly pages, so that I can glance at it all at once.  It clutters the monthly page a bit, but the functionality is worth it.

On Sunday, however, looking at my planner fell through the cracks. Since I didn't look at my planner at all, I didn't realize that I had an appointment on Monday morning.

See, the 20th, 9 a.m., clear as day:

I told my sister that my kid could sleepover at her house and I could get him in the morning - during my appointment.

I needed gas (and had plenty of time to get gas on Sunday), but thought, "oh, I can get it before carpool tomorrow afternoon." Nope. Had to race to get it while already running late for the appointment this morning or I would have been stranded on the side of the road.

Needed to bring a paper to the appointment. Forgot it.

Spectacular fail.


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