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Monday, May 21, 2012

Photos of My Planner

Note: See for a Guided Tour of My Planner (a Day-timer FamilyPlus set of inserts in a Franklin Covey classic-sized binder), but for the more visual readers, I took pictures.

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I read a lot of planner blogs and I've noticed that everyone has a thinner planner than mine.  Mine does zip up, easily, but I admit that I used my Christmas money to buy a nice Franklin planner exterior binder (half-page size) while user cheaper, Daytimer inserts and homemade inserts.

Big pocket holds all processed papers.  Processed means there is a task associated with the paper or a date written in the calendar.  The smaller interior pocket holds stuff for today's errands.  Currently, that includes a receipt to be filed in my car for maintenance and the grocery list from my husband's e-mail.  The credit card slots hold doctor appointment confirmation cards.  (That really SAVED me once when I showed up for surgery a day late.  I was able to prove that it was the office's mistake - they wrote the wrong date on the card - and not mine, so I avoided many cancellation fees.)

My Daily Checklist:

My Master Task List:

A Project list:

A Packing list:

I use Monthly calendars until the 1st of each month, when I transfer next month to weekly calendars.  I cross out the monthly calendar once it is transferred to weekly so that I don't accidentally write something on the now obsolete (but way useful for overview planning) monthly calendar.  Note the monthly tasks in the colorful column!

My weekly calendar is pictured below, with my four context lists: To Do, Errands, Computer, my weekly menu, notes about calendar entries and tasks, running grocery list, and daily Appointments, Tasks, and FYIs.  I LOVE this format because the weekdays are all on one page, but there is ample space in the weekend blocks and for tasks lists, too.

A Future page, for anything scheduled once my planner year ends.  If you don't have one of those, go make one.  NOW!

Every now and then, something doesn't hole punch easily or I just want to hold on to it in case.  Those things go in this pocket.

Addresses and contact information is so much better kept digitally nowadays.  So the address tabs (note some are removed for space purposes) are covered with a master, at-a-glance file list.

Filed items go on the master file list (above), plus the name of the file goes after an F with a circle around it on the upper right hand corner of the page.  Can you tell that I used to be a school teacher?  ;)

Envelopes, stamps, and self-addressed stickers:

Post-its and spare pencil lead:

Paper and pencil.  Not pen.  Pencil.  (I do carry a pen in my purse.)


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Bree said...

I didn't realize you used the Family Plus Desk size before your FC Compact setup. I've eyed this layout up a few times, and even tested the Letter size spiral last year.

There is something nice about it, but it's missing something for me. I guess I'm just too used using vertical timed layouts.