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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sign Language

We sign a lot with Loki. The director of his preschool has two deaf children, and she clearly signs with him, too. Lately, he's been putting signs together to tell us what he wants - like little sentences. It's really nice. Even though he is talking more and more since the tubes were put in, it's much easier to communicate in sign language. I really hope we keep doing it. With Ander, we slacked off, and now he barely knows any sign language at all.

I am trying to teach Ander the fingerspelling alphabet. I figure it's a fun way to practice spelling words. Now that he is 4 (yes, 4!!!), he is starting to get the idea that letters spell words, and, even better, that only certain letters in a certain order spell words.

Now, if I could just improve hubby's communication skills! LMAO.


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