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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Free Time

Free time is such a dilemma for me as a mommy. On one hand, I want to spend free time with my kids. After all, they are in daycare all day and surely want to hang with their mommy. On the other, I have tons of stuff that LOOMS to be done around the house. (Looming as we speak - island loaded with Halloween buckets to be sorted out and put away, a roast and mashed potatoes to cook, table cluttered with degrees to clean and reframe and a skirt to hang up, Loki's dresser needing too small clothes to clean out of it, and Ander needing a toy reduction before CHristmas in his room.)

But, mostly, I just want a LONG dinner (appetizers and salads followed by a meal) and a lingering cup of coffee outside of a charming coffee shop, with either my husband or a dear girlfriend. WITHOUT THE KIDS.

I feel the normal parent guilt, but without the recharge, I'm a horrible mom. I snap instead of speaking calmly. I banish to rooms. I get sucked into facebook, because I don't want to face the kiddos. I need some free time. But I worked late two nights last week and Alan works late a couple of nights this week, so it's not looking good. Plus, I have to finish up a couple of little things at the old office this upcoming weekend. Then, it's Christmas shopping time.


Is it naptime yet?


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Derwinicus said...

I totally understand. I think that's why Derwin shoos me out the door when it's scrapbooking day. He knows that I'm a much better person after having recharged my batteries. Der and I went out on a date last Friday night and it was great.